Noam Berda

Noam Berda


CEO & Co-founder, Zyllem


Zyllem is the leading provider of fast, cost-effective, and reliable on demand delivery service in Singapore and Malaysia.

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About Noam
Noam Berda is a highly respected and proven software architect and innovator. He is an entrepreneurial soul with a passion for leveraging technology to make modern lives easier. Noam is always on the lookout for new and interesting challenges he can set his skills to.

Noam’s motivation for his innovations are anchored in the community or industry need - With over 18 years of experience in logistics and software development in companies like SAP and Smart Communities, Noam now dedicates his days to the on-going development of Zyllem. 

Zyllem provides an innovative solution to improve the efficiency of last-mile distribution by combining technology with local manpower resources. Accessible via computer or any mobile device, the Zyllem platform equips businesses, large and small, with a sophisticated electronic solution to seamlessly and efficiently manage their logistics needs. 

Noam co-created this cutting-edge platform to make same day delivery easily accessible without any setup cost, complex systems amalgamation or tedious coordination among intermediaries. 

Launching Zyllem (previously RocketUncle) is Noam’s first step in building smarter cities by connecting people and companies through a robust network. With social collaboration and partnership being at the very heart of the business, Noam aims to make Zyllem available globally and empower everyone to be a part of this open global network.

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