Jacqueline van den Ende

Jacqueline van den Ende


CEO, TrueMoney Philippines


TrueMoney is a provider of accessible and low-cost financial services to everyone in Southeast Asia.

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About Jacqueline
I am an entrepreneur passionate about building high impact ventures. In the Philippines I succesfully founded Lamudi Philippines and over the past 3 years grew it to be the clear market leader in online real estate. Prior to that I worked as an investment professional in a leading private equity firm. Prior to my career at HAL Investments I founded a non-profit company which now employs over 200 students in three countries. I am passionate about creating companies from scratch and building high performance teams of talented individuals. My strength lies in the combination of an analytic background, with strong communication skills, passionate entrepreneurial drive and the ability to create a great company culture.

Finance & Investments, Tech-Based Startups, FinTech

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