The world has become so overconnected that effective communication is now rarer than ever.

We know from firsthand experience that growing a business is extremely hard. Reaching potential clients and business partners—not to mention getting a reply—can take weeks or months. Because even though you have a great product and value proposition, finding the right contact person, cold calling, following up, or trying to get through gatekeepers take a ton of time, money and effort—all that just so you can present your business proposition, which might be turned down anyway.

Our goal with Reach is simple: To create excellent business opportunities regardless of who is or isn't in your network.

Through Reach, you can send straightforward business propositions directly to decision makers a cross Southeast Asia and Hong Kong for as little as $1. We send your messages directly to their primary business email, and within 7 days you will either get a response or get 100% of your money back.

Of course, you can also earn credits by replying to messages that are relevant to you. Use those credits to reach out again, donate it to one of our partner NGOs, or simply cash out. Our filters will prevent you from receiving emails that are outside of your interests, so you'll never have to worry about spam.

At the end of the day, we want to bring the focus back to creating value through efficient communication, and we hope you'll join in to help us make that happen.





Rajan started his career with Huawei, working on the technology side, after which he realized that startups were his passion. He joined Rocket Internet to head Easy Taxi's operations in Philippines before going on to establish a regional logistics venture in Indonesia and the Philippines. For his his next venture, he started his own Airbnb management platform. It was acquired by a local real estate firm and now he is working on his big idea—Reach.

Rajan grew up in Delhi, eventually moving to Southeast Asia. He loves reading non-fiction and exploring new cafes.

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Daniel started his career in marketing and product management, working for technology companies like Deutsche Telekom and Nimbuzz in Silicon Valley. He eventually joined Rocket Internet as well, launching cities for Easy Taxi in Latin America and eventually moving to Asia to head Easy Taxi Philippines. Afterwards, he went on to join a regional logistics venture based out of Singapore before launching Eatigo—a Trip Advisor-backed restaurant booking app—in the Philippines.

Daniel grew up in Colombia, studied and worked in Silicon Valley for 10 years before moving to Southeast Asia. He used to be a part-time DJ and loves playing soccer and doing yoga.

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